Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Springpad, a great note taking/organizing app, gets upgraded


Springpad is a great note taking and organizing app and service that I've reviewed before and really like. It is similar to Evernote in many ways, but also has some differences. Springpad is free and has web and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Springpad allows you to create and organize tasks in a different way than Evernote, and organizes your notes differently. You can take notes, clip web sites, create task lists, and more, just like in Evernote, but you can also import data from a bar code, search by location, and add photos. You can organize things by notebooks and tags like in Evernote, but Springpad also has "The Board" which is a digital cork board to help you organize the important things.

Springpad organizes your notes, bookmarks, web clippings, and other data and information in different ways than Evernote and lets you share notebooks with others also. They also have tons of notebooks available for viewing on their site.

There is a new interface, new ways to share and follow notebooks, and more. Here's a video from Springpad on their new features.

Updates are to the web app, the iPhone and iPad apps, and the Android app


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