Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Great Uses for Binder Clips

Our Favorite Office Objects: The Endlessly Versatile Binder Clip

Last month I wrote an article entitled "Binder Clips - lots of great uses for these little guys" with some ideas and resources for finding new uses for Binder clips. Here are some more.

1. Binding student work (kind of obvious) but use different colored ones to code your classes and assignments

2. Cable organization - clip them to your desk/table and feed the cable through the handle to keep them organized. 

3. Use them to wrap and organize cables and headphones (another great idea from Lifehacker).

4. Hold open curtains, or hold them closed - clip them on the curtains

5. Hang them on a bulletin board or at top of whiteboard to hold papers - great for holding signs, like "Do Now", "Homework" etc. ]

6. clip bags closed to keep food fresh

7. Hanging file folder stopper / organizer

Hanging Folder Stopper

8. Create a notepad using scrap paper - all those scrap / extra copies of memos and papers found in schools can be cut into quarters and then clipped with a binder clip for an easy notepad. 

9. bookmarks - use the small, colored binder clips as color-coded book marks 

10. Save your spot in a filing cabinet - when pulling papers out of a hanging file folder, put a binder clip there so you can easily find your spot to return the papers. 

11. Smartphone stand - prop up your smartphone for easy viewing
Make a Simple Smartphone Dock Out of Two Binder Clips

Do you have any cool ways to use binder clips?


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