Monday, June 18, 2012

Some great resources on Google Chrome for Education

Google Chrome is my browser of choice. It is fast, secure, easy to use, full of features, and works great with all of the Google apps I use. I also use Chrome OS, which is an operating system based on the Chrome Browser. Chrome has great features and extensions that can make your online experience better and more productive.

Here are some great resources I just learned about for using Google Chrome:

10 Google Chrome Tips for Students - tips for using the address bar (onmibox) for different purposes, better search, and using extensions. 

chrome news  100 Tips for Google Chrome   A Free Ebook

100 Tips for Google Chrome - free PDF download -  this free e-book has some great tips for using Chrome, including keyboard shortcuts, using your mouse, use of the omnibox, tabs, bookmarks, drag and drop, and much more. A must have/read for Chrome users. 


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