Wednesday, July 18, 2012

eduClipper now available and up and running

eduClipper is a new app from EduTecher Adam Bellow that I wrote about last month. eduClipper is now available to use to those who signed up earlier. It provides a way to clip anything from the web and then share it with anyone.

It's free and allows you to clip and capture anything from the web including articles, links, videos, lesson plans and more. You then create a clipboard to organize what you have clipped and then you can share the clipboards with students, colleagues, the public or just keep it for yourself. Students can use it too and the clipboards are searchable. You can also share your clipboards via different social networks.

The social sharing aspect is what makes it different from other web clipping services and apps. You share what you have clipped with others and people can comment and discuss the clip.

You can still request an invite too:

Adam has a nice YouTube video that describes eduClipper in more detail:


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