Wednesday, July 11, 2012

iGoogle shutting down Nov 1, 2013 - here are some alternatives

iGoogle, Google's customizable start page, is shutting down and will not be available after November 1, 2013. Google has decided that iGoogle has outlived it's usefulness with the new apps and technologies that are now available. All of your data in your Google product widgets will still be there in the original product, like Gmail, Google Calendar, etc. Other gadgets you use probably have a way for you to export your data to another service and many of the gadgets exist as stand alone apps now.

I have used iGoogle for many years as my start page but have noticed that lately I am really only using it for the Google Reader. I have all of  my Google apps, and other apps that I use throughout the day, either launch in their own tabs when I start up Chrome, or they are on my Chrome homepage. I really don't need iGoogle anymore when on my own computers. As for having a place to go when on a shared computer, I'm setting up all of my links to my apps and services in an Evernote note for quick access and linking and I might make a Google Site with all the links and add any gadgets.

Some other alternatives to iGoogle include:

Symbaloo - recommended by Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers

Create your own Wiki or Google Site with links to all of your apps.

Use an Evernote note, as I mentioned above, to have links to all of your apps and resources.

NetVibes and Protopage - from Life Hacker


Google for Education Resources

Evernote for Education Resources


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