Sunday, August 12, 2012

Evernote - my adventure this year using it with my students

Evernote is one of my favorite tools and resources. I use it for lesson plans, research, collecting resources, clipping things from the web, organizing materials and much more. Evernote and Google Apps get 90% of what I need to do done.

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I just won a very cool contest Evernote hosted for educators. Along with 9 other teachers, I won a year of Evernote premium for me and all of my students, along with training and support to implement it with my class.

I have been using Evernote myself for years and always share it with my students, but this will be my first year really using it with them. I'm learning more about sharing notebooks and setting up groups and classes with Evernote. The first webinar from Evernote was great and we have a Yammer group  for support, as well as more training from Evernote throughout the year.

I'm really looking forward to learning more about how to use Evernote in my classrooms. I want to use it to eliminate paper, simply my students' lives, share resources, and create e-portfolio's for them.

When the year is up, the students will still have their Evernote accounts, at the free level, and all of their data and information. They will also have learned how to use this great tool as an educational resource. Since I teach mostly seniors, this will be a great resource for them in college.

I will be posting about my experience, things I've learned, ideas to implement this with your students, and more as the year goes by.

Thanks again to Evernote for this great opportunity!

Evernote also has another great contest for Educators: "Win an IdeaPaint and Evernote Classroom Makeover" where you win Premium Evernote accounts for you and your students and IdeaPaint, which turns any surface into a whiteboard.


Evernote Resources for Education

Evernote For Schools Site: Resource for Using Evernote in Education


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