Thursday, December 18, 2014

Aviary Photo Editor Acquired by Adobe

Aviary, the popular web based (and mobile app) photo and imaging editor has been acquired by Adobe.

Aviary's site has the announcement front and center and there is a full press release from Adobe.

I've used Aviary for years and loved it, especially for capturing images online and editing them for use in this blog.

The press release from Adobe says that they acquired Aviary to help them "Accelerates Delivery of Mobile Apps that Integrate with Adobe Creative Cloud". They also state that "This is great news for developers because thousands of mobile apps will have the opportunity to become compatible with industry-defining desktop tools like Photoshop CC, as well as new Creative Cloud services."

There is no information on what will happen with the current portfolio of free Aviary apps. Hopefully, they will stay free and just get better.


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