Thursday, March 19, 2015

Droptask announces integration with Evernote

DropTask is a free visual task management app that is web based and available on iOS and Android that I reviewed two weeks ago.  They have just announced that DropTask now integrates with Evernote. To celebrate, they are offering two months free of the Pro version of DropTask, which is needed for this integration.

Integration with Evernote allows you to send your notes from Evernote into DropTask where you can organize and manage your to-dos. Alternatively, if you have a task already in DropTask, you can send it to Evernote and create a new note where you will have the space to write down all your ideas and information related to that task.

Read more about it below:
Create, plan, and do
Whether you’re writing the week’s agenda, taking minutes from a meeting or just jotting down flashes of inspiration, syncing Evernote with DropTask will let you transform life’s all-important notes into finished projects.

Simply add the ‘droptask’ tag to your notes to seamlessly sync them to your DropTask PRO inbox - where they will wait for you until you’re ready to get to action!
FEATURE FACT: The name of your notes will become the task title and the body of the notes will become the task description.

Take Note
You know what tasks you need to do, now it’s time to get them done! Whether it’s a small note you need to make or some lengthy research you want to carry out; utilize the two-way sync and view existing tasks from DropTask in Evernote to really make use of the extended workspace.

On the Go
Enhance your productivity and use DropTask with Evernote across multiple devices. Syncing between both tools on the go means you can plan, organize and complete your tasks wherever you are, whenever you like!



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