Thursday, March 19, 2015

Slack - free, easy to use, communications/collaboration platform - great for teams and schools

Slack is a free platform for instant team communication and collaboration. It allows you to create “channels” according to specific topics, issues, projects or teams, which gives everyone access to all the conversations and information circling around. You can include messages, files, images and videos in the channels. This can replace email, chat and video conferencing. 
It also integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive and Hangouts, and Trello. It also has a very good search feature. It is web based, with iOS and Android apps. 

slack screen shots

Slack - screenshot thumbnailSlack - screenshot thumbnailSlack - screenshot thumbnailSlack - screenshot thumbnail

It is free to use and there is no limit to the number of users. 

This would be great for classrooms, teacher communication, workgroups, PD, and much more. 


DropTask - Visual Task Management app



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