Monday, March 9, 2015

The Benefits of Educational Technology

Most of you reading this will agree that educational technology can help teachers and students - it provides benefits such as organization, efficiency, collaboration, communication, extra help, virtual experiences and so much more.

But, sometimes it's hard to convince others that the expense of technology is worth it and hard to show the benefits. Not everything in education is quantifiable.

Technology helps students:
  • they like it better than paper and pen
  • provides multimedia to address all learning styles
  • provides interactive, student centered activities
  • provides extra support and help resources
Technology helps teachers: 
  • organization and efficiency
  • paperless
  • finding lesson resources
  • collaborate with other teachers 
  • connect with parents

Here's an interesting article about this: Can tech help teachers teach and students learn?

Here's an older article I wrote about this: The How's, Why's and Value of Educational Technology - some really good info and examples here. 



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