Monday, March 9, 2015

Tips to Using Google Keep in Education

Google Keep

Google Keep, Google's easy to use note taking app, is a great resource for students and teachers. Here are some of the features:

• Easily, quickly, Create notes, lists, and audio notes
• Add photos to any note
• Hide and show checkboxes to turn notes into checkable lists
• View and create notes from homescreen and lockscreen widgets
• Selectable color for notes
• Safely sync notes to Google Drive and other devices
• Notes can also be used from

I use Evernote for most things, but also use Keep for quick notes on the go and for shopping lists, along with voice notes, and then I can share the notes to other apps, or just access them as needed. It's quicker than Evernote, but has less features. It is useful for students and teachers. 

Here are some tips for using Google Keep in Education: (click link or image for full article). It has a nice intro to Google Keep and some great tips for students and educators. 



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