Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Google Classroom gets some new features that we've been asking for

Google Classroom is Google's learning management system, allowing teachers and students to share assignments and communicate online.

It is easy to use and works great, but there were some features teachers were asking for. Well, Google listened!

Google has just announced some new features:

1. Invite another teacher to your class- teachers who co-teach, or want special ed teachers to have access to course work, etc can be invited to join the class as a teacher. Multiple teachers can now work together in the same class. The additional teacher(s) can create assignments and announcements, view and grade student submissions, participate in comments on the class stream, invite students to the class, and receive email notifications related to the class


2. Drafts of assignments and announcements - teachers can now create announcements and assignments as drafts and then post them when ready. This is very useful for future planning and for giving other teaches a chance to review the posting first.

When you start entering an announcement or assignment, you can click the arrow next to the "Post" button and select "Save Draft".

3. Grades now autosave as they are entered. Now you don't have to worry about losing a grade.
4. Notifications - teachers and students will now receive email notifications when private messages are left on assignments (great feature!)

One thing I've always liked about Google is how they are always improving their products, usually from user requests. 




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