Thursday, October 27, 2016

SmartFeed - quality, curated content for kids

SmartFeed is the trusted platform & tool for parents to easily and conveniently curate and manage kid's digital media - across all content and device platforms. By serving up better media to kids, SmartFeed is helping to positively shape the next generation’s mindset in the midst of a media-saturated world.

As for how it works, think Pandora (curated recommendations) meets Netflix (ease of delivery) with Facebook (like minded community) for Parents.

Why do we need this? Media is increasingly everywhere, especially in front of our children. Kids find and consume it easily– -- just like junk food –-- but much of it is garbage. SmartFeed aims to change the paradigm: rather than just filtering out the junk, what if we could feed our kids positive, engaging, healthy content instead? Enter SmartFeed!

A breadth of great content for kids and teens exists....parents just need help finding it. SmartFeed makes finding great media and managing the content your kids consume easy and convenient.



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