Thursday, January 9, 2020

"Don't be a Troll" meme contest - calls on students to help combat internet trolling

The “Don’t be a Troll” meme contest calls on students for help to combat the insidious and out-of-control trend of internet “trolling.” Students are tasked with creating original memes about why people shouldn’t troll. Winning entries will be publicized and the winners will get prizes for themselves and their schools! The deadline to enter is Jan. 31, 2020.

The contest, organized by Impero Software, is a way to promote empathy and digital citizenship, and to bring attention to the issue of online “trolls” in a creative, fun way.

For the “Don’t be a Troll” meme contest, students are asked to:
Create a meme about why students shouldn’t troll. They can use their imaginations! It can be clever, funny, or serious (Please keep it clean).
Write a paragraph about the message their meme is conveying about why students shouldn’t troll (1000 characters max).
Submit their meme and description along with contact information and through Impero’s online form by January 31.

Impero will select 2 winners by February 11, 2020. Impero will award a $100 Amazon gift card to each winner and a $500 Amazon gift card to each winner’s school! The winners’ profiles and memes will be published on Impero’s web site and social media channels and Impero will share the memes for educators to use as part of teaching digital citizenship.

For more information about the contest or to enter, visit
· Here is a link with information about the contest

· Here’s a recent blog from Impero with facts about trolling.


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