Thursday, January 16, 2020

America’s Education is Under Threat, Canon USA - How to be Cyberstrong (Free tips and resources)

The education sector has become one of the most sought after targets for cybercriminals. Long imagined to target banks or high-tech facilities, cyberattacks are beginning to now focus on schools and education centers. Recent targets in New York and Texas might seem less likely but they have become one of the most vulnerable.

According to Canon USA’s Office of the Future survey, cyber threats are abundant and increasing, but what is most surprising is that employees or other organizational insiders are the most likely cause of cyberattacks. In order to combat this, Canon U.S.A. urges all school administrators take into account the below 5 Canon CyberStrong tips.

1.       BE ALL IN - Discuss your organization’s regulatory compliance obligations and any security policies that need to be monitored or enforced. Remember: Security is everyone’s responsibility.

2.       ASSESS YOUR RISKS - Organizations should be aware of their risks, i.e., how their habits and behaviors can lead to problems. Go in with your eyes wide open and you will be able to better see where strategies can be defined.

3.       THINK LEAN - Employ a lean mindset (build, measure, learn). Define the goals you want to meet. Measure the results qualitatively and quantitatively. Learn and continually monitor the process.

4.       CHECK YOUR CULTURE - Some organizations develop a culture that makes process improvement efforts difficult. Redefine the way your employees conduct themselves online. That takes more dedication and guidance from leadership.

5.        REFINE YOUR PROCESS - Without good processes in place, productivity can be impacted. Building good processes from the onset will help streamline your cyber culture.

And here is a Cybersecurity and Cybersafety Resource I put together:



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