Thursday, January 16, 2020

Ozobot launches new learning management system


After being voted Best of Show at ISTE 2019, Ozobot Classroom (patent pending) officially launched at the 2020 Future of Education Technology Conference.

Ozobot Classroom will make it easy to integrate coding and computer science with Ozobot’s robots into lessons for any subject and any grade level—with features that include an interactive educator dashboard, single-click classroom setup, interdisciplinary lessons with live lesson insights, and more. Ozobot Classroom is also the first learning management system that allows educators to get powerful real-time insights into student progress for both on-screen and off-screen activities.

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Setting up your Ozobot Classroom platform is so easy with our single-click class setup, which automatically pairs your students up with bots so they can get started right away. While setting up, Ozobot Classroom will take teachers through an interactive teacher training that will step through platform setup and how to use the platform with students. Using boosted Bluetooth connectivity, teachers can seamlessly connect to up to 18 robots (patent pending). 

NEW Ozobot Evo Classroom Kit

Tracking students’ progress is simple using the platform’s live lesson insights. Teachers can instantly view student activity in real time, even when students are working offline. Ozobot Classroom also offers a core coding curriculum that is designed to take students beyond basic computer science. The curriculum includes 9 lessons per grade level for K-5, covering five computer science concepts: Sequences, Loops, Advanced Sequences & Loops, Conditional Statements, Functions and Variables. Users can then advance to hundreds of STEAM lessons across all subjects. Core coding curriculum for middle school and high school students is coming soon. FAQs What does the Ozobot Classroom kit include? The Classroom kit comes with 12 or 18 robots, one Ozobot Classroom license and accessories.

You can get more information and pricing here:



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