Thursday, November 17, 2011

Evernote Clearly - one click for distraction free online reading - very cool

Evernote, one of my favorite web apps (along with Google's many apps), just announced a very cool new product.

Evernote Clearly is a browser extension for Google Chrome (other browsers will be added soon) that allows you to read online with less distractions. You simply click the extension and it hides all the distractions from blogs and articles, allowing you to read with less distractions and more easily.

When you click on it, it slides in, showing you a new view of the page without any ads, links, or navigation. When you are done reading, simply click the return arrow and Clearly slides out of the way allowing you to continue browsing the site normally.

Get Evernote Clearly from the Chrome Store »

Another nice feature is that Clearly will automatically turn a multi-page article into a single page, making reading much more enjoyable (especially for those articles that like to use 10 pages for a short article to increase their ad impressions).

Since Clearly is made by Evernote, it works with Evernote also. When Clearly is open, there is a Evernote clipping function so that you can clip the cleaned-up article right into your Evernote account to read later.

You can also use their built in themes or create your own to create a pleasant reading experience. Everything is done in your browser and it works really well.

There are other apps that do similar things to make online reading easier, but I've found this to be the most polished and the integration with Evernote to clip and read later is a big plus.

Evernote promises that it will be coming to other platforms and browsers soon too.

Get Evernote Clearly from the Chrome Store » 

UPDATED 12-21-2011 - Evernote Clearly now available for Firefox - 


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