Thursday, January 22, 2015

Evernote Tips and Tricks Series - #4 - Keyboard Shortcuts

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I'm a huge fan and user of Evernote, and lots of people ask me for tips on using it, so I'm starting a series of blog posts on Evernote Tips and Tricks to share some great tips and ideas for using Evernote.

Tip #4 - Keyboard Shortcuts 

Keyboard shortcuts exist for most software/apps and are a great resource to help you be more efficient working with those apps. Evernote is no different. Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts for the Desktop versions of Evernote.

I use the paste from clipboard, insert checkbox, and insert horizontal line the most.

Evernote for Windows Desktop

Ctrl + N   Create a new note

Ctrl + Shift + N   Create a new notebook

Win + PrintScreen   Start screen capture mode. (or use the Web Clipper for websites)

Control + Alt + V   Paste the contents from your Clipboard as a new note

Ctrl + Shift + V    Paste from clipboard with unformatted text

Ctrl + V   Paste from clipboard with original formatting

Ctrl + Shift + T   Create a new tag

F7   Check spelling

Ctrl + Shift + C   Insert a to-do checkbox

Ctrl + Shirt +  -   Insert a horizontal line

Ctrl + E   Center text

Ctrl + Shift + B   Create a bulleted list

Ctrl + Shift + O   Create a numbered list

Ctrl + K   Add a hyperlink

Ctrl + Shift + R   Remove a hyperlink

Ctrl + shift + S   Create a new saved search

Ctrl + Shift + A   Reset search

Win + Shift + F    Find in Evernote

F2   Rename saved search

F6   Start search and move to first highlighted keyword

Evernote for Mac Desktop

⌘ N   Create a new note

^⌘ ⇧ N   Open a new note window

⌘ ⇧ N   Create a new notebook

^ ⌘ N    Create a new note, audio note, or screenshot with Quick Note

Clip full screen   Start screen capture mode.(or use the Web Clipper for websites)

Control + Alt + V   Paste the contents from your Mac Clipboard as a new note

Drag files to Evernote    Drag and drop a selected file onto the Evernote menu bar to add it as a note in Evernote.

⇧ ⌘ V   Paste as plain text

⌃ ⌘ N   Create a new tag

⌘ :   Show spelling

⌘ ;   Check spelling and grammar

⇧ ⌘ T   Insert a to-do checkbox

⇧ ⌘ L   Insert a table

⇧ ⌘ H   Insert a horizontal line

⌘ K   Add a hyperlink

⇧ ⌘ K   Remove a hyperlink

⇧ ⌘ M    Merge notes

⌃ ⌘ M    Choose a notebook for a selected note

^ ⌘ E   Search in Evernote

⌘ J   Search your notebooks

⌘ F   Search within a note

⌥ ⌘ F   Search your notes

⌥ ⌘ 1   Access your notes

⌥ ⌘ 2   Access all of your notebooks

⌥ ⌘ 5   Go to Atlas view

⇧ ⌘ I   Show or hide note information — this includes title, tags, location,
and time and date the note was created or updated.


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