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Samepage - app to get more done with contextual collaboration

Samepage is a "contextual engagement platform" that just launched some new features (see press release below). It has a free version with some great features, including context and collaboration, organizational features, and communication. There are more advanced features available for a fee. It has an intuitive, well designed, user interface and it only takes minutes to get started.

Samepage allows users to create content, including text, multimedia, Office Files, PDFs, Dropbox files, attachments, Google Drive, Google Maps and more. Users collaborate in real time and can comment and work together on projects. It can be used by people for personal projects and planning as well as by companies and groups for major projects.

It's very easy to use and setup and can be very useful for managing events, trips, projects, and much more. It is web based and there are mobile apps available for iOS and Android. You can create "Pages" that are private, social on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Group pages, and Public Pages for anyone.

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Take a look!

Samepage Debuts Advanced Features, Modern Design and Two New Mobile Apps

Samepage Solidifies Its Position as the Leader in Contextual Engagement and Digital Collaboration

STARTUP GRIND 2015 GLOBAL CONFERENCE ­ REDWOOD CITY, CA ­ FEBRUARY 9, 2015 ­ Samepage, the free online place where people can communicate and share content with context, today announces significant platform upgrades including a fresh modern design, mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as a range of innovative features, further strengthening its consumer and business offerings. Samepage now enables easy inclusion of content from cloud based services such as Google Apps, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Box and includes social page sharing via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

"Our vision at Samepage is to create an online place where people can easily share ideas, content and context” says Scott Schreiman, chief executive officer of Samepage and Kerio Technologies, the parent company to Samepage. “ We've based the development of Samepage on three fundamental principles, first the need to bring together files with conversation to preserve context and help people get more done. Second, the need to support a 'post-file' world via integration with top cloud services and finally, ease of use to bring these benefits to consumers as well as businesses."

Samepage’s New Features, Benefits and Design
With fast-paced lives and an overwhelming number of ways to connect with one another, communication and collaboration have become increasingly challenging. Samepage’s new features enable people to easily organize ideas and communicate with each other to get more done. Samepage differentiates itself from other collaboration solutions by offering contextualization to all content featured on a page. People are empowered to define, share and preserve context related to specific pieces of content on a page streamlining the collaborative process. No more hunting for old emails or getting lost in a cloud file folder.

Get all your content on Samepage, including:
Any Mac or PC application file (e.g., Word, Excel, PDF, etc.)
Images and YouTube videos
Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive
Google Maps
Text and conversations

You choose how to share
Private pages
Social pages for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
Group pages for select people (e.g., book club, finance team)
Public pages for anyone on the Internet
Modern design and user interface
Designed for consumers and businesses
New Samepage logo, branding
Customizable ³cover image² photo page headers
Improved navigation experience

Samepage¹s New iOS and Android Apps
Samepage just released its first Android application, available here:

There is also an updated iOS app, available here: Both mobile apps are now available globally.

People can now view pages on the go, create new pages, edit content and add images on their smartphones or tablets, making Samepage even more convenient.

Samepage Pricing and Availability
While there are many companies in the collaboration space, Samepage is unique in that it is designed from the ground up to be the easiest to use way to share information and ideas online with others, in both our personal and business lives.

Samepage is a free service that lets anyone create and share an online page in minutes. Sign up at

Samepage for Business is a paid service that businesses can rely on to improve productivity while reducing email volume. For more details, go

About Samepage
Samepage is changing the way people share ideas and content. Anyone can create a free online page in minutes and collaborate with friends, family, co-workers or the world. We built Samepage so our company could work together more effectively. Then we discovered Samepage is also awesome for organizing social, group, and school activities. Now lots of people are using Samepage to plan epic vacations, organize school fundraisers, keep sports teams on track, run their businesses and get more done. How will you use Samepage? For more information and to create a personalized Samepage page, visit



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