Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Some Excellent Virtual Field Trip Resources, including lots from Google Maps

Virtual Field Trips are a great way to expose students to the wonders of our world without the expense and time of a real trip. Most museums and historical sites have an online presence and many have virtual tours. Check their sites for more information. Here are some that do have great online resources: Colonial Williamsburg, National Museum of the American Indian, The British Museum, The Anne Frank Annex, American Red Cross Museum, National Museum of American History, The Imperial War Museum, The Vatican Archives and many more.

Here are a lot of great resources for virtual field trips:

Smithsonian Institute Museums has a lot of resources to use as virtual field trips.

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Google has some great resources that are excellent for virtual field trips, including Google Maps and Street View.

Field Trip
Google Field Trip - app that finds info about where you are - more useful when actually traveling, It will help you find some cool things near where you are, sometimes things you would never find otherwise.

WhatWasThere - historical photos linked to Google Maps - visit the past!This site connects historical photos to Google Maps, letting you see what places looked like in the past. You can tour locations, browse photos and even upload your own historical photos.

The Grand Canyon National Park’s Distance Learning Program is a great resource for schools to let their students explore one of the most famous national landmarks. 

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The Virtual Field Trips Wiki has some great tips and resources for creating virtual field trips using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Google Earth.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Virtual Field Trip shows the student around the JPL, explaining what the mission is and what they do. A great way to learn more about one of the most advanced science research labs in the world.

Virtual Tour of NASA Goddard Space Center and Missions goes through the entire life cycle of a mission from idea, to design, to construction, to testing, to launch to operations and finally the analysis of the data collected.


Virtual Field Trip Resources

Google for Education Resources

Here are a lot more great, free Educational Resources from NASA



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