Friday, March 27, 2015

Using Google Drive as a Course Organizer

I am creating a curriculum for an Aircraft Design course for the high school level. Since it will be shared with many other people, I decided to do the organization in Google Drive, instead of Evernote like I usually do my course organization. I have not created official "lesson plans" yet, this is just the curricular materials and order of instruction.

I started by creating a top level folder for the course and then sub folders for each unit. Inside each folder are the materials - lecture slides, links, assignments and other resources and files.

The really cool thing I did was to create a single Google Doc that has the entire course outline on it and each section/item is a link to a folder/document/file in Google Drive. All the teacher has to do is bookmark that one Doc and everything links from there. To create the links, just go to the item (folder, doc/sheet/slides, or file) in Drive, right click on it and click "get link". Since there is a heirarchy in Drive, you only have to share the top level folder to someone else and they get access to everything in that folder and subfolder.

Here are some screenshots of the Drive layout and the main file. Try it out yourself.

Course Outline File:
(the links to files and folders will not work as they are private, but this is just for example use)


Google for Education Resources

Examples of using Evernote as: teacher, student, admin
Evernote for Education Resources



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