Thursday, April 9, 2015

Awesome Screenshot - screen shot app for Chrome (replacing webpage screenshot)


I was using Webpage Screenshot to do all of my screen shots for this blog and other projects and then I noticed it missing from my tool bar the other day. I went into Extensions and found that it was disabled by Google for violating the Chrome Webstore Policy. Then I saw this article that explained that the app collects an enormous amount of personal data and violates Google's policies. So, I looked for something else and found:

Awesome Screenshot is a great, free web app that takes screenshots in Chrome (OS and browser). You can capture a selection, the visible part of a page or the whole page. You can store images on their site or download them to your own device. It supports PNG formats and even supports horizontal scrolling on the page when capturing. You can also annotate and edit images.

It's very easy to use and works great and is great for anyone needing to take screen shots.


Web-Based Image Editing Resources

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