Friday, March 15, 2019

Collaboration Tools in Education - new partnership Dropbox and Klaxoon

Just like businesses, educators and students use a lot of collaboration tools in their daily work. Google for Education and Microsoft for Education are two the most popular, with apps like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. There are others, like Schoology, Edmodo and more, that are also used.


Dropbox, originally a cloud file storage and sharing app, has added a number of collaboration features over the last couple of years.

Dropbox and Klaxoon recently announced a partnership which allows interoperability and sharing between the platforms.

Dropbox Education aims to bridge the gap between the classroom and workspace by developing student collaboration, a soft skill employers are in need of. The new app also sponsors instructor success by increasing the pulse of the classroom.

Dropbox Education has partnered with Klaxoon, an innovative suite of applications allows instructors to integrate polls, word clouds, and other interactive tools into their classroom to increase student participation.

These tools all help educators and students work more collaboratively, and prepare for higher education and the workplace.



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