Thursday, March 24, 2011

minus - file sharing service

minus is a new file sharing service I learned about from Jonathan Wylie's blog. Minus is currently free and supports all file types (pictures, documents, music, videos, etc). You create an account then just drag and drop files from your desktop and folders directly to your browser to share the files. There are also desktop and mobile apps to use and a Chrome extension and web app.  There is a maximum file size of 25MB and you can only put 50 items in a gallery (folder). But, there is no limit to the number of galleries you can create.  There is even a way to share files as a guest without an account which could be useful for students who want to share a file with a teacher. 

UPDATED - you can now share files up to 2GB and you get 10GB of free storage to use.  You can easily share files, explore what other people are sharing. There is web, desktop, and mobile access. It's free, and very useful. 

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