Thursday, March 24, 2011

sendoid - share big files easily

Sendoid is a different type of file sharing service. It is peer-to-peer (P2P) which means you are sharing the file directly to the other person and it's not being stored on a server somewhere. 

To share a file (technically you are sending it) you go to the website and select the file you want to transfer from your computer. The service then provides you with a URL which you then send to the recipient and they can go there to download the file. 

File size limits are based on system resource (your user configuration) and usually run between 600MB and 1GB. That is much more than most services, which usually limit you to files of 25MB or less.  If your file exceeds your limits, you can download and use the Sendoid app, which alleviates all size limitations. 

Sendoid is peer-to-peer direct, so there is no real size limit and no cloud storage. This means it's also very fast. 

Try it out when you need to share a big file.

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