Friday, December 2, 2011

Infographic - critical components for STEM schools

I have been posting a lot lately about STEM resources, mainly because I am a science teacher and engineer and understand the importance of these topics to our society and our students.

I just found another great STEM resource from Kirk Robbins' blog, Science for All (which is a great blog to follow about science). He posted a link to a infographic about the critical components for STEM Schools to have. There are 8 categories for each component: School Structure, Educative Supports, Staff Interactions, School Leader Interactions, Student Interactions, Partner Interactions, Teacher Engagement, and Student Engagement. The infographic is based on actual STEM schools and what they have. Some of the components include: advisory, flexible schedules, mastery, common planning time, professional development, communication, and parent interactions. Each component can be clicked on to get a description and examples. 

This is one more resource to use for schools looking to implement STEM more. And, most of these components are actually good practices for all schools to use. 


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