Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Printliminator - only print what you want to

Printliminator is a bookmarklet (bookmark that performs a function) for Chrome, Safari and Firefox that allows you to only print the part of a web page that you want to. You click on the bookmarklet and then select what you want to print, eliminating graphics and even reformatting the print styling.

You simply drag and drop the bookmarklet to your bookmarks tool bar and you are all set. The site even has a video to help you use it.

This is another great tool to save paper when you have to print something.


Print Friendly - if you must print it, use this. creates printer friendly pages of sites

Tools to go Paperless (in school and at home) - lots of resources

Evernote - some great ideas for using it in education - use Evernote and you don't need paper

Lots of PDF resources - print, markup, convert and more - create PDF files instead of paper files.

Evernote Clearly - one click for distraction free online reading - very cool - then print this version of web page


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