Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eagle Cams - follow the adventures of eagles online

North Carolina State University has a great project going that educators can use in their classrooms. Eagle Cam. The camera monitors a Bald Eagle nest in North Carolina and you can view live video stream through USTREAM at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/jordan-lake-eaglecam .

This is a great way to show students what these magnificent creatures are like and use as an intro or grabber before doing a lesson on animals.

My wife, a high school Biology teacher, uses another eagle cam with her students - The Raptor Resource. They follow the development of the eagles from the building of the nest all the way through to the babies taking their first flight. This one also posts significant events videos on YouTube, so you won't miss it.

It's interesting, engaging, live, real, and a great educational resource.


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