Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some great science projects and science literacy projects

Science education lends itself to hands-on labs and projects easily, but there are some nice project ideas that are a little different than what most people are used to seeing / doing in a science classroom. Literacy is one of those areas. In science, student write lab reports, and maybe some research projects. There are some other great projects that incorporate literacy, science knowledge, and even some technology skills.

1. Science Journalism - have your science students pick a topic in your class and look for current events or news on that topic. Then have them write a news article about that topic and what is happening currently in that area. They have to do research, create and edit an article, and use at least a word processor. You can also combine all of the students' work into one "newspaper" and share it online.

2. "How It Works" project - have students pick a device, technology, or product and create a project that describes how it works. They should be relating something they have learned in the science class to the project. They can create a poster (paper, electronic, Glog), a website, presentation, etc. for the project itself. Again, they are doing research, collating the research and creating a product.

3. Invention - have the students apply what they have learned in class to create an invention or new technology of their own. Research, creativity, presentation, and more.

4. Create a science fiction story based on science topics they have learned in class. Literacy, science, and creativity.

These projects have students developing their science knowledge, research, literacy, creativity, technology skills, and more. They can be done individually or in groups.

What are some different science projects you do with your classes?


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