Monday, January 23, 2012

Studyers - create, organize, and share notes


Studyers is an alpha invite site that I just started using this weekend that allows students to create, organize, and share notes from class. It is from the same developer that made InstaNotes, which I also just reviewed.

What is different about Studyers from other note taking apps is that students can easily add the lecturer's presentation to their notebook and then take notes below each slide and add drawings or graphs. You can also easily share your notes with others. There is also a direct link to look things up on Wikipedia, which can come in very handy during class.

It was very easy to use and there is a "getting started" notebook in the alpha users account I used. 

There is also a video about using Studyers here:

This will be a great tool for educators and students for taking and organizing notes. I think it would also be great as a modification for students who need to have lecture notes in front of them as they work. It's simple interface limits distractions, yet it has the features you need.

Hopefully it will be released to Beta soon so that more people can try it out. 


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