Saturday, March 17, 2012

Most popular posts on Ed Tech Guy this past week

Here are the most read posts from the past week: (and don't forget to check out the posts from Friday. They don't usually have time to get to most read status.)

Have a great weekend!

1. Khan Academy - not good pedagogy and not #edreform - great discussion in the comments too.

2. List of What Makes a Good Teacher - created by students

3. Google Plus adds Google Docs to Hangouts

4. Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization comparison chart for educators

5. A Day in the life of - a teacher, engineer, and paramedic

6. Professional Development Sourcebook - free PD resources for teachers

7. Mission Biotech - free, educational science video game

8. Curiosity in the Classroom - free resources for educators to get their students curious

9. Go! Animate - create animated videos for free

10. Splashtop Whiteboard for Android now available - control computer from tablet

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