Friday, June 15, 2012

Dropbox getting rid of Shared Folders for New users

Dropbox, the very popular cloud file/sync/backup/sharing service, has announced that starting July 31st, new users will not be able to create Public Folders. Current users will be able to still use public folders, but anyone signing up for Dropbox after July 31st will not be able to.

Shared folders was an easy way to share files with others and allow teams to have access to the same files. Dropbox did recently add a new feature that allows you to easily create a link to a file in your Dropbox account and share that with others.

I've used Public Folders a few times, but not enough that this would effect me even if current users where losing the feature. But, if you are someone who would use Public Folders a lot, sign up for Dropbox before July 31st.


Lots of Great File Sync/Backup/Share services

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minus - file sharing service

eBackpack - educational file sharing and backup

YouSendIt - easy file sharing, sync, and sign


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