Friday, June 15, 2012

Evernote Updates it's Chrome Web Clipper and Windows App

Evernote, one of my favorite and most used apps, has just announced two updates that bring even more functionality and usefulness to their app. I use Evernote for lesson planning, web clipping articles for future reading, research, notes on everything, organizing my home, belongings, and finances, travel planning and much more. It's an invaluable resource.

Update 1: Web Clipper for Chrome gets Related Notes and More
The Web Clipper extension for Chrome lets you clip parts of web pages, a URL, or an entire web page to your Evernote account. You select the notebook it will go into and any tags for the clipping through the clipper extension. Evernote has updated it to now have it also show you related notes to the one you are about to clip. The clipper window will show you related notes that you have already clipped, as well as a list of all of the other items you've clipped from that web domain.

This can be very useful and help prevent you from clipping duplicate items, as well as more easily find similar things that you may have forgotten about.

Evernote also updated the quality of clips and fixed some bugs and problems.

It will be coming to other web browsers soon.

Update 2:  Evernote Windows App gets updated with Activity Stream for Shared Notebooks
A great feature about Evernote is the ability to share notes and work on them collaboratively. This is great for project groups, research, project management and much more. The Evernote App for Windows has been upgraded with a new feature, Activity Stream. This allows you to see the activity happening in all of your shared notebooks and any shared with you. A badge will appear on the screen when something changes. This makes it much easier to keep track of what's going on and not miss anything. This is a great feature for shared notebooks.


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