Friday, May 1, 2015

Chromebook Inventory Tool - must have for GAFE Admins

Chromebooks are beyond popular in schools and the Google Admin Console provides a lot of great features and information. But, one thing that is missing is a way to get a full inventory of all of your Chromebooks, with information such as OS version, MAC Address, SN and more.

Andrew Stillman to the rescue - he has created the Chromebook Inventory Tool, a free add-on to Google Sheets that works with a Google Apps Super Admin account. The tool allows you to export and bulk update the information of your managed Chrome devices using Google Sheets.

  • Export your entire inventory, or just an OU of Chrome devices into a Google Sheet, including all of the following metadata: etag, Org Unit Path, Serial Number, Platform Version, Device Id, Status, Last Enrollment Time, Firmware Version, Last Sync, OS Version, Boot Mode, Annotated Location', Notes, and Annotated User
  • Device export options include the ability to filter by enrollment date (Past hour, Past day, Past week, or Between specific dates).
  • Make edits to "Annotated Location","Notes", and "Annotated User" and bulk update the devices in your Chrome console directly from this spreadsheet.
It's extremely useful to GAFE admins and came in handy for us when we used it and found that many of our Chromebooks had not updated the OS (because they were never shut down, only logged off). 

It's easy to use and the site has excellent instructions. 


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