Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Free Webinar - Alan November on Teaching Critical Thinking and Web Literacy

International education advocate Alan November will be holding a webinar
titled “Teaching Critical Thinking and Web Literacy: Why Teachers are
More Important Than Ever” on May 22. Alan has been saying for years that
for years that these are areas that need attention, so I'm inviting
everyone to attend!

Webinar attendees will learn about the role critical thinking plays in
web literacy and methods for teaching students to become astute
consumers of media. Various aspects of media literacy will be discussed
along with strategies for developing skills and competencies in those
areas. Alan will also share strategies and resources for weaving
critical thinking and web literacy skills into everyday instruction and
guiding students toward becoming responsible consumers and creators of
web and social media content.

Alan November is an international leader in education technology and was named one of the USA's fifteen most influential thinkers of the decade by Tech and Learning magazine. Alan's most recent book, Who Owns the Learning? made the education New York Times bestseller list. Alan has worked with schools and universities in 40 countries to improve learning through innovative practice. He leads the globally acclaimed Building Learning Communities conference.

If you're interested, you can register for the webinar at



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