Friday, March 9, 2012

MasterNote - Templates for Evernote - makes it even more powerful (Mac OS)

MasterNote App, Templates for Evernote

MasterNote is a very cool application that I just found out about for Evernote. It's not free, but it's only $5 and very useful. It is currently only available for Mac OS X.

MasterNote allows you to create templates to save time on repetitive tasks and notes. You create the templates from your Evernote notes and can save them for future use. It saves you time by allowing you to create the template of your most frequently used notes and each template can contain as many notes as you wish. You can save multiple templates and even save some as forms.

With MasterNote, you can create template notes for note taking, reports and papers, journals, lesson plans, quizzes, handouts, and more.

The site has tutorial videos for different types of notes and templates,

Thanks to William Stites for letting me know about this site! My PLN Rules!


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