Thursday, May 31, 2012

Evernote Hello Lauches for Android - helps you remember people you meet

Evernote, one of my favorite resources, has some other products besides its main one. Evernote also has the Evernote Trunk. The Trunk has apps that integrate with Evernote, scanners that scan directly to Evernote, pens that record what you write and send it to Evernote (Livescribe), and much, much more. There's even one that allows you to save things from your Twitter and Facebook streams directly into Evernote. Evernote also has Clearly, a service that allows you to clear out adds and pop-ups on sites so that you can just read the article and Skitch is an app that allows you to annotate and mark up images and save them in Evernote.

Evernote launched Evernote Hello six months ago. It is an app that helps you remember people you meet based on the context of meeting them. They have just released Evernote Hello for Android. It is also available on iOS.

Evernote Hello helps you remember people based on the connections - relating names and faces to events, locations. With Hello, you can enter the person's email address and add a picture of them, location, time, notes, and more. 

You can add new people by entering their information yourself, pulling information from your address book, or letting them enter their contact info into your phone. 

What's nice is the ability to quickly take a picture of the person and add information that will help you remember where you met them and in what context. You can also connect your Hello account to your LinkedIn account and it will try to match the person's email address with a LinkedIn profile. The app will also create an "Encounter" which is the context of the meeting, including a map, street view of location, links to other profiles of people you met in similar context, notes, photos and related Evernote notes that you have. 

Another useful feature is the Mosaic, which is the home screen for Hello, containing faces of the people you have met ordered chronologically to help you find them. 

Evernote Hello is a great way to remember all the people you meet as an educator - other educators at conferences, students, vendors, and more.

Get Evernote Hello for Android from Google Play


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